“Recruitment fees are too expensive”

“Recruitment fees are too expensive”

I met with an excellent candidate this morning.

She likes her current employer but still wants to leave.

Said candidate is a Holding Manager for a Pub co. She has been with them for 4 years progressing from Team Leader.

The Pub she is holding has been without a full team for some time. The Head Chef left just before Christmas leaving a Junior Sous to run the Kitchen during the Pubs busiest period. The Assistant Manager recently left and they are short FOH. Sound familiar?

My question is this, why, oh why would you then put a first time General Manager in to hold this business? 

The answer – Because they don’t have any other choice

The effect –  Ultimately, another Manager is looking to leave the business. A manager who has been trained, who knows the business better than most, guests know her, they visit the pub because of her, staff work for her not the pub co. yet she is being fed to the Lions with no support.

There is a lot of talk in the press about struggling restaurant and pub groups. Jamie’s, Byron, Strada to name a few. Complacency, lack of innovation, increasing rents sited as some of the main causes but what about the people? Situations like my candidates today are happening in every Hospitality business across the UK. 

I am often told by companies that “We don’t use agencies to recruit” or “agency fees are too expensive” I can guarantee you that situations like this are far more costly to any business than a recruitment fee. 

If you are still unsure about using a Recruiter to help your business then give me a call. I will come and meet with you and explain how we can help.