How to apply for a job and get a response

How to apply for a job and get a response

It’s not easy looking for a job.

There are job adverts everywhere, on LinkedIn, numerous job boards, company websites, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Some adverts will tell you who the company is, some won’t. Most are advertised by recruitment agencies you have never heard of. It can take hours to scroll through all the jobs. You hit the apply button and wait…….

For some, the phone will ring quickly, for others, you hear nothing. So, what can you do to increase your chances of getting an interview or a response from a recruiter at the very least?

  1. Be selective – Don’t just apply to any and every job to increase your chance of getting a interview. Did you know that certain job boards allow recruiters and hiring managers to see all the jobs you have applied for. Anyone who has fired out numerous applications is a huge turn off.
  2. Do your research – Research the Recruitment agency before you apply to their jobs. Do you want to be contacted by these guys? Do you want to be represented by these guys? Pick up the phone and ask the recruiter how they can best help with your job search. A good recruiter will take the time to explain their services, how they can help or will be honest if they can’t help but may know someone who can.
  3. Keep a record – If you do find you want to apply to a handful of jobs via various companies then keep a record of who you have applied to, via which job board and which agency. If you apply to a company, which company? Another turnoff for recruiters is a candidate who doesn’t know who he or she has applied to.
  4. Pick up the phone – don’ just sit and wait for a response. Be proactive, follow up on your application with a phone call to the recruiter. I like it when a candidate calls me to discuss their application. It shows me they are a serious, proactive job seeker. I get a lot more from a phone call and a CV.
  5. spend time on your CV – Probably an obvious one but it still amazes me how many CV’s I receive with mistakes, missing dates of employment or CV’s which end years ago. I get that some people may not have worked for a while or stopped to raise a family for example but explain this on your CV, don’t just leave it blank.

At itk Recruitment we only work with the best candidates. These candidates often follow the above advice and will get the best jobs. If you are serious about finding your next role then get in touch. Either give me a call 07875226232 or email your CV to or BOTH!