Hospitality Interviews – a two way thing?

Hospitality Interviews – a two way thing?

The Hospitality industry is in huge growth. At itk Recruitment, we specialise in recruiting Managers and Chefs for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars across the UK.

Candidates and Client Hospitality Challenges

Our biggest competition these days is not other recruitment agencies but the candidates themselves. Good candidates can often have several interviews and offers on the table to choose from.
Our next biggest competitor is the client themselves. Not just because they have a vast online presence these days when it comes to advertising, but because of the interview process itself.

Hospitality Interviews

We recently had a candidate at trial shift stage after a really positive first interview. She was really looking forward to the trial. We were also aware she had another trial with another company whom she had applied to directly. We gave this information to the client. Said trial shift happened on the Friday night at a different restaurant, as is usually the case, so a senior General Manager can give their opinion.
The candidate ended up being offered both jobs. She turned down our job and took the other role. So what went wrong?
Whilst she liked both companies equally and the packages were very similar, the trial shift with my client had gone tits up. The General Manager barely spoke to her, there was no welcome or sit down at the end – she was left to run around the restaurant and try to get the team out of the weeds. Compare this to the trial she had the next night. The General Manager welcomed her and sat down to have a bite to eat and chat before the shift. The shift went smoothly, everyone took time to speak to her and make her feel welcome. Post shift, another sit down and de-brief. She left, in the know that was the job for her.

The hospitality interview process is very much a two way thing

Hiring companies need to be aware that whilst they are assessing the skill set of the candidate, the candidate is weighing them up against the other companies they are also in the interview process with. As this industry continues to grow so will the options to candidates. Make sure your process is slick and creates a great impression throughout or face losing out on great hires.

Article By Simon Bottomley – itk Recruitment