Grow some balls and tell the truth

Grow some balls and tell the truth

Picture the scenario, an experienced £35,000 per year General Manager of a restaurant group has flown through the recruitment process to a meeting with the Area Manager. I love him, my client loves him, he loves the job. It’s a done deal.

30 minutes into the interview the client calls to see where the candidate is? Have we got the dates wrong? Maybe the times mixed up or the location? I call my candidate – no answer.

Later that evening I receive a text message from the candidates phone claiming to be his brother. The candidate was in a car accident that morning and was in hospital. If I wanted to reach him I could call him at the hospital and use extension 176.

Now, being the concerned catering recruiter that I am I called the Hospital. I wanted to check he was OK!?

No one under his name had been taken to hospital and the extension number 176 did not exist. Strange I thought. So, I thought I would call his Restaurant – bear with me here…… His member of staff confirmed he had been working that day and had now finished.

So the accident happened in the morning the hospital had no record of him or the extension number and now his employees had confirmed he was at work all day.

I have been in recruitment for many years myself, this is not a first for me nor will it be the last and I accept that and can move on. What I will never understand is why? I am not an unreasonable person. In fact I have more respect for people who simply grow some balls and tell the truth.

Wise words for catering or hospitality candidates looking for jobs

If any candidates are reading this and are thinking about pulling out of an interview for ANY reason remember to tell the truth. Pick up the phone and tell us. Give us the chance to inform our clients, save theirs and our own time. Let us part on good terms and work together in the future. Let us recommend you to our colleagues, friends and future clients. Don’t burn bridges.
I am no blogger and if anything this may be seen as more of a rant. In any case, if it makes even one candidate think twice then it has served a purpose.

Article By Simon Bottomley -itk Recruitment