5 Ways To Make Your Job Sound More Appealing

5 Ways To Make Your Job Sound More Appealing

Spending day after day, and night after night searching through job applications and CVs trying to find the right person for your company can be a stressful and and exhausting way to spend your time. Sometimes you read applications and wonder if the person knows exactly what role they are applying for.

So how can you make it easier for possible applicants to go for the right job, and hopefully at the same time cut down on the list you have to trawl through? Read on to see our tips on making the process easier fro you.

1. Be plain and simple

Sounds obvious but this is one of the first things people will want to know. Tell people exactly what they’ll be doing, where they’ll be doing it, how much they will get paid and what hours they will be working.

2. Mention any career progression opportunities

If there is the possibility of progressing to a more senior level then be sure to make it known. Nowadays, many people are looking to make a career out of their job, rather than getting stuck at the same level for years on end.

3. Make big news out of any benefits you offer

Holiday entitlement, overtime rates, bonuses, shift allowance – if anything like this is involved in the job then make sure you let your audience know. Things like this, no matter how little they may seem, can give you the edge over a rival employer.

4. Don’t forget the soft skills

Sounds basic but if the job you are advertising is for a head chef role then be sure to put in the advert that a vast amount of cooking experience is necessary, as well as having leadership qualities and being passionate about food hygiene and standards.

5. Why the role matters

Everyone that has a job wants to feel valued, whether they are a general manager, a landlady or a sous chef. Explain how they’ll be important in enhancing the customer experience, providing excellent service and making people’s days a bit happier

Getting your job advertisement right reduces the stress of your customer service recruitment and attracting the right kind of candidates reduces your time to hire.

Being employed within the hospitality industry can undoubtedly be fantastic, but it can also be difficult to secure the right person – by following these five tips, however, we’re certain you’ll be doing a lot to appeal and will soon land a fantastic employee in this fantastic industry.

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