3 Reasons We Are The Catering Recruitment Agency For You

3 Reasons We Are The Catering Recruitment Agency For You

When you are trying to find a new job – whether you are currently unemployed or you are working but you dislike your job – it can be a very distressing activity to undertake.

There are so many jobs out there but it isn’t always easy to find one suitable for you and your experience.  And sometimes you might just be looking in the wrong places for that job you desire.

Just because there are lots of jobs available, it doesn’t mean you should go for them, particularly if you specialise in a specific job role.

And that is where a recruitment agency, Bath, London or Glasgow, can step in to help.

There are many agencies out there that will be willing to help you in your job search, but we are going to give you three reasons why we, itk Recruitment, should be the hospitality recruitment agency you choose.


Everyone that works for us and with us has been in the hospitality and catering industry for many years now, so our experience is at the highest level, and in all that time we have worked with a wide variety of different clients and companies.

We firmly believe our experience levels will be hard to match, by anyone.


With every passing day we are learning more and more about individuals, companies and our industry as a whole.  We know we will never know everything about it because it is constantly evolving, so we do our best by keeping on top of our game.

We are confident that with any problems you have, we will be able to give you the answers to figure them out.


Yes, we have gained a huge amount of respect from clients and companies alike for the work we do in our sector; but we want to tell you how much respect we have for you guys – the clients that want our help in their job search and the companies that trust us enough to find the ideal person to fill their job vacancies.

We understand that different people and businesses have different requirements, so all we want to do is what we are asked to do, therefore there will be no surprises when the end result is achieved.

Do not be afraid to put your job search in the hands of us – we will do everything we can to help you find that job that you dream of.

Contact us here to get help in your job search under way.