Using a recruiter V’s applying directly?

Using a recruiter V’s applying directly?

All too often I speak with candidates who have applied to x company directly but not heard back. Sound familiar?

As a candidate you are judged on your CV in the first instance. How long have you stayed in your job(s)? Who have you worked for? What have you achieved? These are a few of the details you can get across on your CV.

As an experience recruiter I know that people are often better than their CV’s and that’s why I want to talk to them. An internal recruiter often doesn’t have the time to do this and will only speak to the “perfect candidates on paper”

In some instances, this is why internal recruiters will often outsource via a recruitment agency but here in lies the problem.

As a candidate you see the advert for a company you want to work for. Your CV is OK but you are bloody good and you know it. You apply and hear nothing. You also apply for the same job (sometimes unknowingly) via a recruiter. The recruiter calls you and establishes you have applied directly but not heard back. At this point, that is the end of the conversation regarding this particular client. They have your details and therefore can contact you should they wish without a recruitment fee. But your CV is not “the perfect fit for the role” you’ve missed out.

In my unbiased (cough) opinion it is always better to apply for the job you want through a recruiter.

 When using itk Recruitment we read between the lines of a CV, we will take the time to call you to discuss your background and arrange to meet with you to go into the detail. We can then present you to our clients who trust us. The conversation often goes “I know this person may not be “perfect on paper” but you have to meet them because of XYZ. Before you know it, you have an interview. The client loves you, they love us and the world is a lovely place once more.

On top of this we often have jobs which are not advertised. Jobs which are exclusively ours and may match your background. We can do all the leg work for you, chase up applications, arrange interviews, fully prep you on what will be asked, research to carry out and even what you need to wear!

So, next time you are applying for jobs why not look out for itk Recruitments roles or visit our website for up to date vacancies We will get you in front of our clients far quicker than applying directly and playing the waiting game.

Simon Bottomley
Director – itk recruitment